A Brief Anger Test

Answer the questions as honestly as you can. This is not a scientific test but simply one measure of whether or not you may need some help with the way you feel and express your anger.

  1. Have you physically hurt or assaulted anyone while you were angry since you became an adult? If so, think about how often you have done this.
  2. Are other people afraid of you?
  3. Have you been arrested, charged or convicted of an assault or threatening assault against another person?
  4. Do you have angry revenge fantasies that preoccupy you and distract you from work or your personal life?

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A private consulting practice dedicated to assisting adult men and women in better handling and expressing angry thoughts, feelings and actions.

Our approach is rooted in years of experience in working with clients who have hurt themselves and/or those around them with their anger. The approach that we use is a respectful one (the reason for our name: Anger Skills) and based on a cognitive-behavioural methodology.

We work from the position that feelings and actions are controlled and directed by our thoughts and perceptions. In order to successfully change angry behaviour or to feel like angry feelings are not overwhelming us we must change the way that we think. At Angerskills we can help clients start down the road to this change without feeling like their anger is something that must be “managed” for the rest of their lives.

If you are an individual who feels like you need help with your anger, if you are a family member or friend of someone with possible anger problems or if you are with an agency or organization needing to consult please contact us at the information provided on this site.

Anger Skills Group

Now accepting men for the next Saskatoon-based Anger Skills group. These group programs meet once a week for 8 weeks at a cost of $120. The cost includes all materials as well as ongoing support from the group facilitator in between group sessions. Please go to the contact section to enroll in the next program.



At Endhazing we are committed to preventing hazing practices from taking place but we are also here to help when an incident has been disclosed.

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Focussed on working with individual men and organizations that are committed to ending the use of violence by men in their relationships – with their female partners, towards other men and against children.

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